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Creating a captivating personal brand starts from the inside out and in the next economy being YOU will become your superpower. As a globally renowned photographer, personal branding consultant, and professional speaker Zahrina Robertson has mastered the art of creating magnetism online, onstage, and in life. She is on a mission to empower others with the tools she has developed to create an image and branding transformation that truly captures your most magnetic self. 


There are times in life when we choose to play small to conform to expectations. As a young lady, working for a leading Australian retailer Zahrina remembers a certain day when she ‘dressed down’ to fit in with other staff members. On that day, she walked past her Dad on the way out the door when he asked her why she was dressing down. She casually mentioned that she wanted to fit in. Upon hearing those words, her Dad instructed that she get changed saying ‘never let anyone dull down your shine’. Those words have never left Zahrina and at that moment the foundations of ‘Magnetic Mastery’ were born. 


Zahrina first picked up a camera when she was a child, and it was through the camera lens she explored the world around her. She also observed the stories of life narrated through Imagery and in doing so unlocked the role of presence, personality, and magnetism in relation to the Image. It is little wonder that along with a career in retail, Zahrina hit the ground running embarking on a career as a photographer. 


Over the years Zahrina has built a world-class reputation on a global stage as a photographer whose pictures capture her subject’s authenticity, unique style, and energy. Her long list of high-profile clients Includes Ita Buttrose, Tim Ferris, Taki Moore, and Simon Sinek. She has also covered red carpet events shooting names such as Richard Branson, Martha Stewart, and Dannii Minogue.


Zahrina is a multi-award-winning photographer and In her entrepreneurial pursuits, Zahrina has been nominated for Telstra Business Women of the year. She is the founder of The Entrepreneurs Collective, and the Indigenous Literacy Bookworm Project to create learning opportunities and raise literacy levels among the young children of remote Indigenous communities. Zahrina is also the author of ‘Magnetic Branding’ which is a complete guide for brands that attract.


As a professional speaker, Zahrina’s zest for life and passion for Image is reflected in her commanding presence onstage. Steadfast knowledge underpins charisma and quick wit. She is passionate about empowering her audiences with the tools to unlock magnetic mastery both personally and professionally. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and Zahrina is the magician creating personal branding and image alchemy for clients across the globe. 




Some Previous Keynote Speaking Events:

  • WOW Women Event – Melbourne
  • Magnetic Branding Events, Masterclasses, various – Sydney, New York
  • Australian Consulate Business Event – New York – Maddison Square Gardens
  • Westfield Australia – Women’s Finance Business Event, Sydney
  • North Sydney Council Chambers, Sydney
  • Business In Heels – Sydney, Melbourne
  • CISCO Corporate Event – Sydney
  • Australia Post Corporate – Sydney
  • SHORE Boys School – Sydney

Future You, Be You

  • With a corporate background mixed with a cocktail of creativity, this keynote will leave you inspired to your core.
  • Share stories processed within a millisecond will blow your mind…
  • Helping your brand be the better you, Zahrina guides the audience with her unique IP Thought Leadership model
  • Zahrina Robertson is one of Australia’s most dynamic and inspiring presenters. Her insights into personal branding, communications, creativity, and entrepreneurship never fail to enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences.
  • Zahrina speaks with authority on a range of topics that appeal to both entrepreneurs and corporates, and for groups large and small. She shares the challenges she has faced moving from unknown to expert, practical social media and visual branding tactics for businesses and so much more.
  • Zahrina is renowned for being an inspiring presenter who shares practical skills and expertise so attendees can immediately implement what they’ve learned to see real results. She has shared her dynamic and practical expertise with thousands of people both in Australia and around the world for organizations such as Westfields, CEO Institute, Commonwealth Bank, Business Chicks, and Rotary to name just a few.

Show Up, Speak Up, Be You!

  • YES! I’m on a mission to help women show up as themselves
  • No time to be hiding it’s time to own your purpose
  • It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being just you.
  • Zahrina Robertson has an international track record for branding international female start-ups.
  • Zahrina is known as the Magician because she simply knows how to capture your authenticity into a talking visual.
  • Visual Branding presence is now more important than ever to make the impact you deserve and need to thrive in this fast-paced world.
  • Zahrina presents this keynote to women, with vitality and energy to help you gain a clearer understanding of how your personal brand will grow from the shadows to become the influencer in your niche today.

The Power of a Million Dollar Brand

  • We’re living in a world filled with brands everywhere we turn now…
  • How do you stand out as a personal brand ready to make the impact upon others?
  • Zahrina’s enlightening in-depth approach in this keynote covers her new 5 pillars to help her audience truly grasp the clarity of what it means to have a harness and embrace the power of a million-dollar brand.
  • What it looks like to knowing how to get it and create the messaging around your million dollar brand.
  • This keynote is suitable for medium groups to larger audiences.

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