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Who is Zahrina?

Over the years Zahrina Robertson, the radiant force has built a world-class reputation on a global stage as a photographer, and video strategist producer whose storytelling images instantly capture her subject’s authenticity, unique style, and energy. Her long list of high-profile clients includes Ita Buttrose, Tim Ferris, Matt Chruch, Dale Beaumont, Taki Moore, and Simon Sinek to name a few. She has also covered high-profile events shooting names such as Richard Branson, Martha Stewart, and Dannii Minogue.

In her entrepreneurial pursuits, Zahrina has been nominated for Telstra Business Women of the year. Awarded three Stevie Awards, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. She’s been a founder of a social enterprise called, Indigenous Literacy Bookworm Project to create learning opportunities and raise literacy levels among the young children of remote Indigenous communities via her children’s book. Recently discovered as an emerging artist art in New York in the pursuit of self-expression via  Zahrina Robertson is also the author of ‘Magnetic Branding’ a complete guide for a brand that attracts.

Magnetic Branding - The Complete Guide For A Brand That Attracts!

This book will help you to find your true self in business by understanding your brand archetype,   style, and much more for business success online + offline.

Available for immediate delivery … and via Dymocks and all good book stores.

Learn how to transform your business into a Radiant Brand

Savvy, passionate, and inspiring, Zahrina is available to deliver engaging keynote speeches or conduct transformative workshops on how radiant branding can transform your personal brand to grow your business to STAND OUT – BE CHOSEN!. With her wealth of knowledge and experience in personal brand marketing, Zahrina can give you expert targeted advice about marketing your brand to make an impact.

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Engaging, specific and practical keynote presentations to expand your business influence and bottom line. Workshops available.


World Class visual brand assets helping you become the known key person in your industry through the power of world class storytelling videos and brand photography.


Evocative Contemporary Art. Globally Collected Art and Limited Editions


It takes only 1/10 of a second to form an opinion about a person and only half a second (50 milliseconds) to form an impression of a website. Once someone has formed this first opinion it can take much longer for them to change their mind.


So when you promote your business and your expertise online, you need photographs that encapsulate your brand message in every image, instantly conveying your individual flair, professionalism, and unique expertise.


Unlike most photographers, my professional photography experience is combined with a corporate marketing background. So I know how to create a compelling and authentic branding message which will come to life through visual storytelling, capturing the true energy and creativity of your business.


Too many photographers use a “point-and-shoot” technique to provide bland generic shots that are more suited to a real estate brochure promoting rental office space. My photographs will promote YOU and YOUR BUSINESS through my unique technique of Magnetic Branding.

What My Clients Say

DKG Enterprises
DKG Enterprises
Zahrina's energy and professionalism made the photoshoot loads of fun. Her quality of workmanship depicted in the photoshoot is second to none. Highly recommend her services.
Amanda Lambros
Amanda Lambros
Having photos done with Zahrina is a treat. As a person, she is friendly, funny, professional, approachable and truly makes you feel comfortable, especially when a giant camera is pointing straight at you! I feel such privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Zahrina and look forward to doing plenty more work with her as soon as we have the ability to travel once again!
Kate Gaffin
Kate Gaffin
When I heard Zahrina was coming to New York, I immediately booked her for my branding shots and it was one of the best decisions I have made for my business. When you work with Zahrina, you get someone who shows up in full from moment one. And I mean weeks before your shoot. Expect to meet online several times to discuss outfits, makeup, hair and more. Zahrina takes the time to fully understand what you are about and what you are putting out into the world. And then she adds her expertise and makes it all seem effortless. The result is stunning photos that show a part of your soul you didn’t know how to bring out. And yet, her photos show you in a highly confident, comfortable and professional, high value light. The combination is powerful and so important in a world where impressions are made so quickly. One of the best things too is the comfort level I felt. It can be awkward standing in front of a camera but I found myself quickly and easily falling into a level of comfort that made the process fun and relaxed. I love my photos Zahrina did of me and I know they instantly upped the value of my brand.
Angela Sedran
Angela Sedran
Zahrina was the first branding photographer. She really set the benchmark for me in terms of what I wanted my photos to convey about me. She really "got me" and what I wanted my brand to say. Her photos are artistic and beautiful and mine gave me a real sense of confidence. They are high-quality because she is a professional, high-quality photographer who knows how to bring out the best in her subjects. She made me feel instantly comfortable, not just with her manner, but also because we had carefully selected my hair and wardrobe before the event. You can get cheaper photographers, but you will get what you pay for. If you want beautiful, timeless branding photos for your business, Zahrina is your photographer.
Nick Harding
Nick Harding
I came to Zahrina a couple of years ago when I realised the photos I was sending clients were tired and stale. They didn't capture the "real me" and were also out of alignment with my recent re-positioning in the marketplace. I wanted new visual collateral so I'd look good (obviously!) but also to be congruent with my new branding direction. On receiving the photos I was delighted. I looked more professional and more "me" than ever. I'd hesitated in the past about refreshing my photos as there was almost too much choice out there. I didn't know who was professional and who had just recently jumped on the bandwagon. For my career, photos are vital. Sometimes they end up in a proposal for the eyes of HR and L&D only, other times they feature on a 22 foot tall billboard. So, they need to be insanely high quality. I needed high quality but had hesitated using Zahrina - knowing she'd worked with all the “movers and shakers” in my industry (Professional Speaking) I assumed it would be too costly. Luckily that wasn't the case. The actual process was fun, yet very deliberate. Zahrina listened to what I wanted and needed, and was able to "get" my vision, fast. She also asked numerous penetrating questions about how and where I was positioning myself in the market - so it was less of a mere photoshoot and more of a strategic branding session with the deliverables being savvy photos. The overall outcome was getting great photos, and (almost more importantly?) getting clarity on what my natural and organic brand image is and could be. So if you're considering working with Zahrina, go for it. The process is informative and fun, and the photos are world-class.
Liz Atherton
Liz Atherton
I went to Zahrina by referral to have my professional photos taken so that I had a brand that I could use and was delighted with the photos I received. I was holding off getting these because I didnt want boring photos taken like I was a real estate agent. Then when I checked out Zahrina's work, I knew she was the one to lift my branding. I ploughed straight in without hesitation and within a few days of the shoot, I had a plethera of photos to choose from. Zahrina's zesty personality brought out my personality in my photos. She knew the look I was after and captured it perfectly. These photos probably need to be updated after a couple of years to represent my new "energy" of my growth since branding myself and moving into my purpose and passion. You are the real deal Zahrina!
Ask Shivani
Ask Shivani
Zahrina was recommended to me and she did a great job
Cesar Hasselmann
Cesar Hasselmann
When I was looking for new photos, I was looking for someone who can be out of the original. Someone who has the passion to put that extra into it to deliver the best results possible. That was when I met Zz for the first time. Amazing professional. Great outcome! Thank you Zz for your beautiful work! CH
Cathy Dimarchos
Cathy Dimarchos
Zahrina is a master at her craft, a true professional. She has a keen eye and delivers photos that reflect who you are as a person. She is very centred and makes you feel at ease, especially if being in front of the camera is not your place of strength. Trusting her process will ensure you get the outcome you are seeking and great, grounded photos.
Ann Tomlinson
Ann Tomlinson
I was recently featured in a magazine and the editor recommended I worked with Zahrina. I’ve done a few personal photoshoots before but never one which would be featured in a national magazine, so the pressure was on to find the right person to help capture the best of me, in my natural environment which varies between board rooms to construction sites. We started working on the project at the 11th hour and Zahrina pulled out all the stops to make this happen, from our initial consultation, choosing the perfect locations, hair and makeup, everything you can think of, was planned an executed in less than a week. I come from a compliance background and working with creative people can sometimes be a challenge but working Zahirna has put my fears to rest, and the result speak for themselves. Thank you for helping me on my journey to both self-discovery and being recognised as a key person of influence in my industry. Ann T – Alium Works

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Multi-Award Winning Photographer & Videographer, Magnetic Brand Builder, Artist, Keynote Speaker.


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